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Ha’Derekh: The Way, The Road, and The Path

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

First, let me apologize explicitly for the lack of updates on this blog for the last better part of a year. To say that we’ve been idle is a lie: we have been busier than ever studying, working, growing, and exploring HaShem’s (literally: “the Name,” a term ┬áto refer to the holy Name of G-d*) sacred word. Too much has happened to note, but for starters, let’s list off a few things that we aren’t. We aren’t pregnant, we aren’t stagnant, we aren’t having any marital problems, we aren’t moving out of state, and we aren’t a couple of strange recluses that shun social life. On the contrary, we’re growing closer together in love, closer to G-d in reverence and obedience, and we do hunger for community. (more…)