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Location, Please.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Sitting on my parents’ driveway, looking out at the mountains that surround the valley of Escondido, there is a sense of rebirth. Having weathered the mental-emotional-psychological storm of winter, spring is at hand. However, you might not notice it currently, as the weather can’t seem to make up its mind lately, “springing” back and forth from summer heat and pre-spring chill. Perhaps it’s just the weather, but hope is nearby; hope, like plants, which in some form die in the winter, is reborn as Passover comes and has come, the season of our freedom.

It is indeed difficult to sum up our journey. The road has been painful, long, and incredibly rewarding. It is difficult for one to lift his head to look into the distance beyond all of the challenges ahead, but there are times when hope abounds. These times, when the difficulties seem laughable, when the barriers are nullified, come not often… they arrive precisely on time and leave in like manner. Like a beloved guest, they seem to come late and leave early, but they are indeed a gift from Hashem and fuel for the way before us.

Many of you, our beloved friends and family, are wondering where we are currently at, as far as Judaism is concerned. The last time we spoke with you, we stated simply that we were considering converting to Orthodox Judaism. We supplied some of our doubts about Christianity, but were still very much in a state of questioning. Today, we stand in a more secure place.

Having both been raised as devout Evangelical Christians, pious in our belief, we had a multitude of questions about our faith. After so much searching, after so many important questions asked, and after finding so many answers, we can now make an educated decision on the New Testament. It may or may not surprise you, but we are indeed planning on converting to Judaism, and will hopefully, with the help of G-d, begin that conversion soon. We are well aware of how much this may distress you, our beloved friends and family, but rest assured that this decision is not an idle, misinformed, delusional act, but one thoroughly questioned, analyzed, and dosed with logic.

Personally, I must thank each and every one of you for taking time out to meet with us. All of you have been so very helpful in our quest for truth and have each helped us as we seek G-d. It has been so good for us both to hear all of your experiences and beliefs.

To conclude, we miss all of you. It is well understood that our beliefs may not make sense to you or even be very offensive to you all, but we don’t wish to allow these things to separate us. It’s a very long road, and one we wish to share with you. May Hashem bless you and keep you, and with all hope we wish to see you soon and make memories together, b’ezrat Hashem, with the help of G-d.