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Monday, May 18th, 2009

Hello all of you!
Sometimes I amaze myself with how much time I let fly by between these posts.

Spring is here. And all my awakened-girlish-excitements-of-flowers-and-things with it. I find that the hills amongst which we abide smell different somehow in spring time sunshine. It makes me smile and get all these dorky sentimental feelings over memories of previous years that suddenly seem close enough to touch again. I’m not sure how smelling some sun-shined-upon dirt does that, but it never seems to fail. And what can I say; these previous spring-times have been treasure. But also now, perhaps more so, I am looking ahead rather than back. The season this year looks as though it will hold the pattern and prove to be a whole new treasure of it’s own.
I am watching things turn green. Little seedlings finally finding the courage to take a timid peak into the world above. “All things are becoming new”. And should it be any surprise that life seems to mimic the fields and the blossoms? (there is Newness everywhere). Let me see if I can explain this in mere words. Most things seem bigger than simple type can often communicate. Let’s see…
God is a master gardener. He uproots and plants things amongst others at the perfect times and seasons. We cannot fathom his methods; I suppose all of us are well aware of that fact by now. My own garden (or rather semi futile attempt at a first timer garden) looks to be well on it’s way to failure (there have been a few do’s that I didn’t and don’ts that I did. I’ve learned a lot for my next try) but now I am seeing that God’s gardens are a tad different from mine. And He doesn’t have to fiddle with the art thinking, ‘Hmmm, perhaps the raddishes and the carrots don’t belong together in the same row after all’. He knows. And is doing some considerabley more important gardening of hearts and people.
For example (gosh I love this! Just love it!) I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve recently been through, am going through or am about to experience a unique spot in life God seems to just effortlessly plop all the perfect people right into my path. It’s a sudden coming-to-light of all the work he must’ve been previously doing for that moment to take place. It’s much too strenuous on my brain to comprehend so instead of trying to figure it out I just dance around, all giddy about it, like a complete fool, for awhile.
When my family went through divorce I was suddenly surrounded by younger girls who’s family’s were going through the same thing. When I had my bout with depression during that time God threw in a few girls who just KNEW what it was like and that made a world of a difference. That seems pretty awesome to me, but did He stop there?! NOooooo!
He continued on to the most recent heart-gardening marvel. We’ve been married a year now. And now God’s given a couple of dear couples who are getting married this summer! Both couples have become our dear dear friends and I’m just giddy about the fact that God would use us in His work of encouraging their hearts in this brand new time of life! At this point I start babbling and sputtering in excitement! It must look so simple and clean to God Himself but I’m baffled by it and in love with the way He works. And these are only a few examples! We can chat about the numerous others sometime if you like.
So in conclusion, I’m STINKING EXCITED about this year. I just marvel about what He’ll choose to do with the rest of it. Just keep praying for us that we’ll coninue to seek Him and set aside all distractions.


Oh P.S. Pray for us as we (or actually me. Tyler has been involved for the past couple of years) enter into youth ministry! This tuesday is my first night. Pray pray pray that God brings all the right girls to be in the small group I’ll be leading. This next 4 weeks is the sort of forming of groups. Thanks!! So coming up next (I guess)…
“The World of Youth”