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For All Our Tired Eyes

Friday, March 14th, 2008

It’s 3:30 AM and I’m tired of being engaged.

Taking the foot back

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Tucked under the covers and propped on doubled pillows with crutches standing at ready near by, I write.
Yes, somehow I have managed to screw up my right ankle and in these past couple days I’ve come to a deeper more reverent appreciation for the fact that I’ve been given two feet. God in all his wisdom, perfection and glory has blessed me greatly.
I won’t say I haven’t had moments of rather acute frustration (showering was a disaster) and the enemy is surely trying to get the “keep moving do-it-yourself” side of me down but God is still good and a useless foot cannot keep me from singing his praise. This must look so small to the God of all creation and He’s still holding me.

He is still holding us. We’re so ceaselessly thankful to have such a loving Father. He keeps knocking our socks off with how abundantly and perfectly He provides for His children.
These past months have been beyond crazy and difficult, like no other time in our lives. By some undefinable act of grace we are still going, running on His strength alone as the day approaches when engagement shall be closed in the coffin and forever put to rest.
Four months and ten days down, less than two months to go. He’s provided our living situation and enabled us to set that in stone, matched my family up with a friend in need of housing who will stick around after I move out to help with child care and such, blessed us with people who pray with and for us, provided again and again with TK’s work situation and even been so good with little wedding details such as finding my dress. Those are just a few things; the list goes on and on.

So for now we’re just clinging to our Father as He gets us through this time one day at a time. We stand (sit, hop and crawl in my case) in His grace alone. We ask to keep praying that He may be glorified.