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Waving My Brains Goodbye…

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Morning. I wake feeling as though, perhaps, just perhaps, my brains might be revived from a night’s sleep. Pushing away the covers, I arise to great the day, abandon all previous hope for the recovery of my thinking skills, and bid my brains fare the well!

That’s what it feels like. I’m constantly running out of brains! I find that life now, and quite probably forever more, can be summed up in one simple sentence-
God remains good and my brains remain strangely absent.

Bon Voyage!

I have come to understand, with great passion and sympathy, why my own mother, in my younger years, would, on occasion, take ages to answer a simple question. In those seemingly far off days it had irked my childish impatience. Now I’ve come to appreciate the fact that she even found it in her busy mother-of-four mind to answer at all. It’s interesting how time can change that.

Sometime last year I had concluded that I knew, very well, the life of a scatterbrained individual. I was wrong! Engagement magnifies all that still! I don’t really know what it is. I’m endlessly grateful that we’re both the type to keep detailed to do lists. God’s been so sweet to give me a man that will use what’s left of his own weary mind to keep me accountable and urge me on. All we can do is lift our hands to our blessed Lord; He only is worthy of all credit and praise for everything. We’re just clinging desperately to Him with the last of anything we’ve got left (and for me that’s not the brains).

So if you’re talking to me and my gaze goes right past your face and on into hyperspace I ask that you just praise God then make loud obnoxious noises and dance around like a fool to jar me back into reality (or scare the pee out of me).

Zoning oooooooooouuuuuuut.

In time’s such as these I just thank God because He’s always God regardless of my current mental state. And He’s been so faithful to provide that “sound mind” right at the last moment when I need it. May He receive all the glory!