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Quicken Thou Me

Friday, September 28th, 2007
Psalm 119:25

It’s getting cold here. I’m freezing my butt off, sitting here at work. The thermostat says it is 76 degrees, but that has to be a lie… it’s earth-vexingly cold.

I’m so glad and grateful for old friends that hold on. I am glad and grateful for those who bless me, pray for me, and stick with me through thick and thin. God deserves people that are strong, that’s what He paid for. We’re blessed to have Aunt Simone and Uncle Russell, Papa Ron, Nate, Brittany, & Zech. These men and women of God deserve to be commended for being faithful to Him. To all of you, thank you for supporting Lee & I as we go into a new season.

I am so excited for the end of our fast, not to start eating again, but to finally tell the news of our God’s decision. It is true that things happen so much more quickly in a fast. It’s day 25, and we’re sorting and working out all of the details as we near the 40th day. A lot of work has to be done, and with great haste. We only have 15 days to go, and then the news will be set free. I am excited to talk to some, while anxious and nervous about talking to others. I don’t worry, how can I? Still, I want to plan out possible outcomes (I suppose that’s what it means to be a man) in advance, that I might know what to get ready for; however, with many I don’t know what to expect at all. All I know is to laugh in their faces in confidence of what my God is doing and just Who He Is. At the same time I am excited for the fast to end, I know I’ll miss the amazing time that fasting is. Mark my words, this won’t in any way be the last time I fast, in fact, I’m getting ready for a lifetime of prayer, fasting, watching, and waiting. It’s what I have been called to.

What’s on the radar for now? I suppose it just involves a lot of prayer and support on my end. Lee has to make quite a few decisions (and, for the most part, on her own), and I need to support, lift, and foster those. I also have the great reward of announcing the great things that are coming. I have to more or less confront our parents about the whole matter, and I know that quite a few concerns are going to be had, and raised. I get the opportunity now to stand and be a man. All the things that are happening now are more or less preparing us for the long, hard road ahead. We are going to start now preparing for what we have to do in our future. The road into the future doesn’t start in the future, it starts in the past and continues through the present.

I’m also working constantly and consistently at my schoolwork, as Lee is as well. She needs to take care of finishing her high-school: luckily, she can finish at her own pace. However, that pace does have a sense of urgency as her 18th birthday approaches at the end of March, and our most-special day approaches in May. I need to stay on top of my schoolwork, and that does involve many hours of homework, many hours of studying, and doing whatever it takes to continue onward with it all.

I’m doing my best to save financially, as I have a few important effects to purchase before long.

Other than that, we’re continuing to seek wise counsel and prayer as we go through this time. It seems we’ve found exactly what we need in the Romo’s, as they had been asking for people like us to pray and fellowship with. We have been earnestly praying for people who would understand God the radical way that we do, and we have found that in them. It is beyond blessing to us to have the opportunity to bless others while we are being blessed by them. Actually, blessing only really comes from one place anyway, so I assume you, my readers, to know that of which I speak.

The Gift I am Given To

Monday, September 24th, 2007
For the last months, I haven’t known what to pray, or even what to say. I knew I was supposed to act, but I didn’t know how. Now, I do. Now, there is no confusion. I never prayed for myself, in light of my God. I knew He would always take care of me and I never worried or was concerned with my well-being, for I knew that He was. Instead, I prayed for His Church, the most important cause I have been given. Revival, regardless of cost, is needed and is necessary, and now.

Now I know for what I prayed. Now I know that, even though I refused to pray for myself or anything that may have even a hint of selfishness, I have prayed for the most important thing. As well, I know that this great thing has concerned me more than I can know. Moreover, I know whom I prayed for.

No one will understand it but those three, maybe four, and of course: the other whom it concerns. All else will be forced to accept it, else void our friendships and relationships. Honor to those who deserve it, but a decision is being made that cannot be unwritten. Praise God! it must be so! I choose to give and be given, and to honor Him, that He might receive glory through I.

Now, my career matters not; now, nothing matters except glorifying Him. So, I bid you replace all the I’s with we’s. I am no longer my own person.

“But He’s done so much in just twenty days… and we have twenty more!”

Move On Out, Move On Up…

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

So I’m standing at a crossroads, a good one. Such a small matter it is, in the light of God’s eternal Son, but I feel that a career move is up ahead. Tonight I have a very important meeting with a company who may be looking to hire me. I know that it’s all in God’s hands and I have nothing to fear, and there are no “buts” attached to that.

The line of abuses has drawn itself out too long, and the time to cut and move is coming. I’m excited for what’s around the bend, I know that from here on out, things will get better. Things will get harder, but often, the better things are harder to get to and work for. I know now that I have a big responsibility coming, in providing for myself and someone else perhaps within the next year or so. Flat out, I can’t survive on the money I’m making currently… and I’m still living with my parents! I don’t have to worry about rent or anything of that sort (yet), all I have to worry about is $150 a month for Charlotte, my car, and her gas. Even so, I am struggling. I named this blog “Move On Out, Move On Up…” because that’s what’s going on right now. I’m moving on from the insanity I’m in right now into a new place, where I won’t keep losing my mind. I’m moving up to a higher level, a place where I can be professional and use my creativity.

On another note, Fall is here. It starts tomorrow doesn’t it? I’m excited for the new weather and I’m hoping it can be a new season for me. I’m actually liking this change, with ugg boots, sweaters, and HEATERS! I’m working on getting a butload of pictures up to sum up my summer. So many new strange things are happening, but they are all beautiful changes. I’m beginning to not think by myself anymore… not that I’m not me and that I can’t think for myself, but as Allison said, the whole is larger than the sum of the two. Only a select few know.

The Newness Allstars are sticking together through thick and thin, and Zech is coming home soon. I’m mainly hanging out with Nate and Brittany, these are my close friends. Brittany has given me such sound advice about a lot of important things. Leandra and I have greatly come to appreciate her solid personality, and her great advice. Nate and I have grown as good friends in the last couple months, through all the crap we’ve gone through: me with Galapagos, him with Sudan, me with my work, him with his, and pretty much everything else. We’re all (Brittany especially) waiting for Zech to come on home.

The month of October is going to be an awesome month. From Oct. 19-21, the Newness Allstars are planning a trip up North to Mammoth for the weekend. Jeremy, Leandra, Nate, Elise, Steve-O, and I are all heading up for good mountain eating, biking, hiking, and maybe some fishing. I am very excited about it, any trip to Mammoth is a trip for me, and staying up there is a huge deal, waking to mountain air and the sunrise is absolutely priceless to me. Zech is coming back this month, as I’ve stated a couple times, and that’s exciting for us because of the couple’s stuff that we’ll be doing. Zech, Brittany, Leandra, and I will have at least a few fancy dates to go out to nice restaurants, dress up, and basically have fun. Flatfoot 56 (get some) is playing in October in El Cajon, and Halloween is waiting at the end of it for us. We’ll probably end up having a costume “Harvest” party/festival/whatever at mine or Zech’s house. So October is going to be fun, and I await it eagerly.

Things are moving more quickly than ever, especially as far as a career is concerned. Last night, I met with an important person in the company I’m looking at, and the meeting was more than productive. This guy was extremely passionate about his work, and more passionate about the reason for which he is working. We hit it off very well, and it was very exciting. Basically, this guy would want me (perhaps, of course) to come out and be mentored by him in Huntsville, Alabama. Of course, I set a minimum time limit on this, it would have to wait at least six months. (There’s just no way it could be sooner) However, as a whole we are excited about this new opportunity. I seek to sell myself into full-time slavery for the Gospel, the great message of justice, wrath, mercy, and repentance that Christ Himself gave. I won’t fall short of this call.

There are so many more things I could write out, but many of them are personal that I should just tell those of you in whom I have found trust privately. The written word is so freeing, but it can be also so limiting, and I won’t allow any limitsany more.