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For All Our Tired Eyes

Friday, March 14th, 2008

It’s 3:30 AM and I’m tired of being engaged.

New Year? I don’t have time for the new year!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

What did I do for new years, you might ask? I studied AS3.

New Years Eve and New Years Day are just two days closer to getting married.

Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas… NEWNESS STYLE!

A year filled with Newness to alls yalls.

The Intensity of Insanity

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

I have too much going on right now. I can’t think straight anymore and I can’t seem to remember if I lost my mind. Things are “good” (relative), but we’re just so darn busy that we can’t seem to catch a break from anything. Here’s what’s up in our lives:
  1. The India 08 trip looms on the horizon. We have another $3,000 to raise to get there and back again, along with all of the trip meetings, the planning, packing, and preparing for the trip. SCREAM!!!!
  2. We just started our company today, which is named “TK, Assembled.” Laugh all you want, but it’s real and legit. I’ve even got our logo done, and I just did our first invoice today. My new job and company are hand in hand, but there is so much to do as far as banking, management, and bookkeeping. I’m working 10-6 every day of the week, so time is definitely at a premium. All these things are slowly yet surely crushing my internal organs. This is a brand new thing for me, doing the whole entrepreneur thing and starting something big. I’m so glad I have my bride to encourage me onward, it helps so much.
    The job I’m doing right now is so much bigger than even I know. I can’t emphasize enough how large and massive this website and concept is. It’s completely ridiculous how much work will need to be done on it. Again, my beautiful bride keeps lovingly nudging me on, and I’m so grateful.
  3. Well, we definitely have our wedding still on the horizon to plan. There’s no big deal with that, in fact it’s not too hard. There’s certainly a lot to do, but I would much rather be doing wedding stuff than all of the other things that I have to do. The sooner the wedding, the better, but it’s on May 3rd regardless.
  4. I’ve been officially accepted into the e3 Internship program, which I have no idea what that means and the full implications of taking on another job.
  5. School is HECK and I thought my Photoshop teacher had completely abandoned me for a moment there, I worked all night on a project, then went to turn it in and it didn’t work. That was nearly where I had a nervous breakdown.
  6. Sometime, I have to meet with Jim and “sort out” the “issues” that we have. I know it won’t get anything done, but as a Christian, I need to be accountable and I need to speak up when something is horribly wrong, and there is something horribly wrong with him and that ministry. I’m praying for the guys that come in there, that they’d really find God amidst all of the distraction and the corruption.
So here are a few things that are on our plate for the time being. Mostly of course on my plate, but Lea has to pray it through and encourage me through all of the stresses and crap. So much more to write, but I don’t have any time period.

We’ll hopefully write soon!

- TK & Lea