The Tragedy

It’s been a long time since we posted, so I thought I should add to the blog to keep everyone updated. Well, yes, we’re engaged, we’re getting married in May (not soon enough), May 3rd to be exact. I’m happy to have a ring on her finger, a date for the wedding, and just to know that I’m going to be her groom forever and always.

However, in our case, we’ve found out the absolute frustration of just being engaged. There’s no stress about the wedding planning, and we’ve never fought or had really any disagreements, that’s not where the frustration comes from. The rest of the world has to deal with that, but none of those things are too large for our God to push through. They are petty and meaningless in the light of getting married. Our frustration is different.

Many of you won’t understand what will follow. The frustration we now have is from not being married. God has created us to be one, and in many ways we are, we think the same way, love the same things, have a parallel passion for God, and while we are apart, we only feel like two halves, rather than a whole person. Herein lies the tragedy and the frustration.

We are one in mind, one in heart, one in soul, and one in spirit. Yet, I go home every night to a place that isn’t my real home, and she goes home to a place that isn’t her home. I wake up each morning in a strange place, and every morning she wakes up in a strange place. I have to drive half an hour to get from my current residence to hers, and at any given moment, I am thirty minutes away from her.

Of course, we won’t go into specifics regarding the full extent of this period of suffering, but you must understand that we need prayer as we suffer patiently through this awfully long period of 5 months.

Till then, we will wait, suffer, and we will pray. Until next time,

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