Weary, onward we go again (just 10 days).

Just a pair of weary souls. That’s us. It’s been roughly seven months of engagement. What can we say. We are tired. So tired.
In ten days the painful stretch comes to an end. Thank God. And whatever would we do without Him.
I find that my times alone with my pen full of ink and a blank sheet of paper have become more and more scarce as life moves through each day. Even typing out thoughts as I do now is a rare occurrence of late. I find I miss writing. But there seems to be precious little to write about these days. Ironic. Everything important has rallied together to try to fit into two months of one year, it seems, and yet I’ve found naught to write of…I never thought it would feel that way. So I just sit. And wait. Not idle for a moment for there is to much to do to sit still at the present. But in my mind I am just a child. There’s everything to do before Christmas but nothing to do till Christmas…and suddenly I fear that I am the only one that makes sense to. What shall I make of that?
Ten days. Shall we laugh? Shall we cry? I must look like one of those faces looking out from a mid-evil, baroque painting. Those blank and beautiful expressionless faces. Their faces were not blank because they had no stories to tell. No. No, no.
Looking over the past year in my minds eye it all seems to blur together. It wasn’t so quick while it was happening but now that we are hear it feels as though I have scarcely had time to blink as it went by. If I take a moment to sweep away all the clutter temporarily invading my mind, I can remember the sunny moments. Times God unexpectedly gifted us with something lovely. And times our hearts were left to rest in His presence. Yes, it shall be good to find some rest again, soon. Indeed it shall. And God is still showing us how He never falls, never fails us, and is graciously providing for every aspect of our life. And I shant forget all those times our Father caused us to cry by simply existing as the great God He is. Lord, may I never forget.
So we’re ready to move on. Ready to enter a new bit of life with one another and God. I am preparing to move all my things into the mountains. What an indescribable feeling.
Run for the hills!
I never expected my life to look like anyone else’s and, by golly, that’s the one thing that hasn’t surprised me about these past few years.
Here we go. With Father pulling our weary selves onward and succeeding with HIS strength alone.
Here we go…

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