For all you who are having trouble with the wedding site…

Here is a direct link to our registry:

Just click the link above and it’ll take right there.

And here is our wedding website:

Also when you go to R.S.V.P. be sure you fill out the entire form to do so because otherwise it will not submit properly. Any questions? You have three options to get a hold of us.

  1. Just scroll to the bottom of this post and hit “comment” to leave us a note. (If you do this be sure to leave us your email or phone number so we can get back to you).
  2. Email Leandra directly at or
  3. Call the number on your invitation and leave us a detailed message (it’s fine to R.S.V.P. on the answering machine if you’re not so computer savvy. Just make sure you leave the number of people attending and of course your last name and phone number).

We ask you to do this as soon as possible as we do need a head count to plan out the rest of our details. Thank you so much. God bless.

One Response to “For all you who are having trouble with the wedding site…”

  1. Sister Sue says:

    Hi Leandra and TK, we are sad we cannot join you and your family and friends on your very special day of celebration. We will be with you in spirit, and pray for a very wonderful day and new beginning for the two of you and your families as you become one. God Bless you, and keep shining for Jesus!
    Salt and Light,
    The Sue Family

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